Hikiro Bijin Shinrin Yoku Sou

Registered Name: Hikiro Bijin Shinrin Yoku Sou
Breeder: Francesca Tomasini
Owner: Jenny Wagner
Kennel: Shinrin Yoku Sou
Sire: Masamine Go Futomisou
Dam: Akira Aya
Call Name: Hikiro
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 7 NOV 2018
Land of Birth: Italy
Land of Standing: Luxembourg
Size: 55 cm (21.65 inch)
Weight: 20.5 kg (45.19 pound)
Colour: Sesame
Health HD: HD B Fair
Health Patella: Grade 0 / no luxation
Titles: BH/CD (Obedience title) ; FH1 (Tracking title); Luxembourg Dogshow 2019 “Very promising” Puppy class
Known Offspring:
Registration#: ROI 19/18998
DNA TEST CLEAR ⁣ A-locus coat: Ay/Aw (sable/agouti) ⁣ ⁣ Canine Temperament Test: ⁣⁣ “Confident and alert, eager to please his owner. Friendly, curious, cautious. Does not spook easily. Very sound temperament overall.⁣⁣ Extremely intelligent and attentive. Very excitable and high energy. ⁣⁣ High work drive, extremely high prey drive.⁣⁣” ______________________________⁣⁣ available as stud, for approved females. ⁣⁣ Contact: jennywagner2605@gmail.com.
Full siblings:
Neneku Bijin Shinrin Yoku Sou
Noshi Bijin Shinrin Yoku Sou
Okami Bijin Shinrin Yoku Sou

Half siblings (sire's side):
Awa no Kotohina Go Awa Yamainu Sou
Genhou Go Awa Yamainusou
Hanae Go Hachidorisou
Hanami Go Hachidorisou
Haruto Go Hachidorisou
Hideyoshi Go Hachidorisou
Hikotoshi Go Hachidorisou
Himitsui Go Hachidorisou
Himura Go Hachidorisou
Hinoka Go Hachidorisou
Hirokohime Go Hachidorisou
Hiromi Go Hachidorisou
Hoshi Go Hachidorisou
Kenshi go
Kioshi Jinsei No Sainoo Go Ihoku Hakurensou
Kuma Masa Go Kasatori Sou
Kuro Masa Go Kasatori Sou
Masatsugu Go Ihoku Hakurensou
Matsu Masa Go Kasatori Sou
Minehime Go Awa Yamainusou
Miyabihime go Ihoku hakurensou
Miyoshi Go Ihoku Hakurensou
Mokuzai Go Ihoku Hakuren Sou
Rumi Go Ihoku Hakurensou
Saisho Go Ihoku Hakurensou
Sekiryuuhou Go Awa Yamainusou
Taka Masa Go Kasatori Sou
Takumi Go
Ume go ihoku hakurensou
Yumi Go Ihoku Hakurensou

Half siblings (dam's side):
Aki Chiharu Shinrin Yoku Sou
Akiro Eiji Shinrin Yoku Sou
Chiakiko Chiharu Shinrin Yoku Sou
Hiro Eiji Shinrin Yoku Sou
Kelani Chiharu Shinrin Yoku Sou
Kira Chiharu Shinrin Yoku Sou
Kyo Chiharu Shinrin Yoku Sou
Satsume Eiji Shinrin Yoku Sou
Soba Eiji Shinrin Yoku Sou
Takeshi Eiji Shinrin Yoku Sou


Hikiro Bijin Shinrin Yoku Sou
Masamine Go Futomisou
Kuromasa Go Awa Hakujin Sou
Kotokaze Go Banshuu Odasou
Torame Gou Iyotenmansou
Meme Go Nidai Iwahori Sou
Teruhide Gou Sekimei Sou
Sekihoume Go Iyo Temmasou
Akira Aya
Daigo Akira Go Kasatori Sou
Shousei Homare Go Izumo Yanosou
Unshoume Go Izumo Yanosou
Hina Miha O Chanur
Allaika's Eiko
Taishumme Go Futomisou