Seiunhime Go Izumo Yanosou

Registered Name: Seiunhime Go Izumo Yanosou
Breeder: Akira Yano
Owner: Egitte van Veghel
Sire: Ungaku (Kumotake) Go Izumo Yanosou
Dam: Komahaname Go Mabi Tabuchisou
Call Name: Seium
Sex: female
Date of Birth: 10 NOV 1998
Day of death: 28 NOV 2014
Land of Birth: Japan
Land of Standing: Netherlands
Health HD:
Health Patella:
Known Offspring:
Registration#: NHSB2255345
This wonderful girl was the first shikoku that give a litter outside Japan she died with 16 years old she did a lot for us RIP Seium <3
Full siblings:
Tenunme Go Izumo Yanosou

Half siblings (sire's side):
Choushunme Go Ugurusu Sou
Chouun Go Izumo Yanosou
Harukumome Go Izumo Yanosou
Nanako Go Izumo Yanosow
Seizanhou Go Mabi Tabuchisou
Shou-un Gou Izumo Yanosou
Shouun Go Izumo Yanosou
Shouunme Go Izumo Yanosou
Shuuun Go Izumo Yanosou
Ungakume Go Izumo Yanosou
Unshunme (Kumoharume) Go Izumo Yanosou


Seiunhime Go Izumo Yanosou
Ungaku (Kumotake) Go Izumo Yanosou
Gakuhou Go Mabi Tabuchisou
Daigaku Go Nagisa
Tetsugakume Go Mabitabuchisou
Kiko Go Mabi Tabuchisou
Tetsuno Umi Go Fukuyama Ichiza
Senko Go Mabi Tabuchisou
Komahaname Go Mabi Tabuchisouryuuken go ryuusensou     Add Dog
Kikuhime Go Sanuki Toyokunisou
Testukomahime Go Mabi TabuchisouDaigaku Go Nagisa
Tetsugakume Go Mabitabuchisou